Laambchop's Nuzlocke

I know, I haven’t updated in forever.

I’m at Victory Road, now. All my pokemon are level 42, except for one at 41.
Current Team- Ninetales, Altaria, Manectric, Swampert, Machoke, Sableye.
Awww yeah.


Couldn’t catch it.

Nothing on Route 113 for me, then. (sorry this is days late. lol)


Ran into a Skarmory on 113.

Working on catching it now…


Just beat Wattson…

No sweat whatsoever. Repels really helped me out in Dewford Cave… I lucked out and caught a Sableye. FUCK YEAH. Also picked up a Gulpin and a Roselia en route to Mauville. Unfortunately, I lost my trusty Dustox along the way… :(


Kiddo- Lv. 22

Bitty- Lv. 20

Hungries- Lv. 19

Sketch- Lv. 20

Rosie- Lv. 18


Whismur- Lv. 7

Pequeno- Lv. 17


First day…

Started off with a mudkip. Cheap, obvs, but it gets the job done. Nothing special, no close calls. I just hate how there are fucking Zigzagoons EVERYWHERE. First pokemon I found? Zigzagoon. Next one I found? Zigzagoon. Route after Petalburg Forest? ZIGZAGFUCKINGOON. -________-

Beat Roxanne, no sweat. Caught a Whismur in the tunnel, but promptly lost it…

Current Team:

Kiddo- Lv. 16

Pequeno- Lv. 13

Zigzagoon- Lv. 12 (Forgot to nickname)

Pisser- Lv. 6 (HM whore)


Whismur- Lv.7

The torture of choice.

The torture of choice.


Well, well.

Here goes nothing. Except my sanity. Yeah.
I’m probably going to regret this in a few days and delete this entire blog… Oh well!

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